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Need storage? We connect people who have space, with people who need space. Cashless, Convenient and Insured!

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What do you need to store?

What is Stashii?

Stashii is a peer-to-peer storage marketplace. We help people earn extra money by connecting those with spare space to their peers in need of storage.

Featured listings

Below are the storage spaces most recently listed on You can view all the listings here.

How Stashii works

Stashii provides a simple platform to convert your available storage space into available space to rent. Simply post the storage size available and price to start obtaining users. Once someone decides to rent from you, Stashii will facilitate the transaction between both parties. Simple!


Look on our website for the storage you need.


Connect with a local host and reserve the space on your preferred dates.


Move your things into storage and chill out!

Benefits of renting with Stashii

1. Secure - Property Guarantee

Stashii provides you with a guarantee up to $50,000 on your items in storage to give you peace of mind.

2. Convenient - Local, flexible and easy

Whether you need short or long term, find the perfect space near you. All from the comfort of your home.

3. Cheaper - up to 50% savings

Our marketplace provides competitive options for you to compare and access.

Earn money renting out your spare space

1. Completely FREE!

List your storage or parking space for FREE with all the rules set by you.

2. Secure

Avoid the risk of exchanging cash, while dealing with verified and insured renters.

3. Chat before booking

Easily exchange messages on Stashii without giving out your private information.