How will Stashii advertise my space?
We dedicate a lot of time and a significant amount of our budget towards marketing of our site and listings, both online and offline. We utilize methods such as paid searches, internet ads, targeted leaflet drops, flyers and have enlisted promotions companies to further diversify our marketing spend. We are dedicated towards making Stashii a household name in storage.
Will my items be safe?
We realize the importance of the safety of your property. It is in the host's best interest to keep items safe and secure. Listings have their security features listed, allowing renters to choose the space that suits them best. In addition, here are the safeguards measures we have set up to ensure that your property is protected: 1) We have implemented a thorough vetting of all hosts who use our site through third party ID and credit checks 2) Indemnity insurance to cover public liabilities 3) Stashii Property and Goods Guarantee which insures your property for up to $5000 in case of damage or theft. See our trust & safety page for more information.
How much does it cost to list my space?
We are happy to say that it is absolutely free for you to list your space on Stashii! There is a small fee of 3% which goes towards payment processing for a transaction, which Stashii marks up on the listing.
How much should I list my space for?
This is always a tricky question to ask. As a host, you don't want to undervalue your property, but it is important to not mark your listing too high as this will deter renters. As a rough guide, a lock up garage on average will rent for about $150-$200 a month. The closer to public amenities or the more features it has, the more desirable the space becomes and the higher you can charge for it. A spare bedroom is about $100-$200 per month (depending on the space), an average shed would be about $100-$150 per month. Price to the market not over it, to ensure a quick rental. It is always a good idea to look at other spaces on the website and price your space slightly less if yours has less features or vice versa.
As a host, how am I protected?
The Stashii team is dedicated to ensuring that your time as a host goes by smoothly. On the rare occasion where the need may arise, we will help you manage resolutions including but not limited to, payment, storage removal due to overstay, lost items claims by renter etc.
Help! I don't know how to put up a listing!
If you need help, we’ve got help. Email us or live chat with our customer service team and we will will walk you through how to put up a listing that will help garner you the best chance in finding a renter!
What if I do not want to accept a renter's request?
You can decline any request you do not deem suitable through the “decline” button in your Stashii dashboard.
How will I get paid? And how frequently?
Payments are made in the first week of every month directly into your bank account.
Can I get my storage space back if I need it?
The length of a rental can be set or left open ended when you start a new contract. If circumstances change and you need your space back, you should give at least 4 weeks notice to give a Renter time to clear his/her goods.
What is the Stashii service fee and why is it being charged to renters?
The 15% service fee is how Stashii makes its money. It helps cover our costs and allows us to create an active and safe marketplace with verified hosts and renters. We use that money to advertise our site and the listings on it to find the right renters. The service fee also helps maintain the software platform, which provides 24/7 live chat and call centre operations to service the market. Other free sites do not offer the same services, and this is what we believe sets our marketplace apart.
What are my tax obligations?
Any income that you earn by renting out your space on Stashii should be declared on your annual tax return, as is the case with all income whether that be from Uber, AirBnB or eBay. We recommend that you consult with your accountant or tax advisor to understand your personal tax obligations, and any tax deductions that you may be eligible to claim.
Why Stashii and not a storage warehouse?
The advantage of using Stashii over a storage warehouse is the flexibility, convenience and the savings that it provides. Listing rates vary and are set by hosts, which are typically around 50% less than storage facilities. You have the potential to save thousands of dollars over the course of your storage period, and store your items in a more convenient location close to your home.
What shouldn't I store?
You are not allowed to store any illegal or toxic products, no perishables, no highly flammable or unstable products. Renters have a duty of care which means that your items will not cause any harm to the space rented or to the host, if in doubt please check with host.
Can I access my items?
Hosts set perimeters for how and when you are able to access your storage space. With most listings, you are required to give 24 hour notice to the host to arrange access to the items. View the "Rules" tab under the listing of the space, and contact the host with questions. That being said, renters have the right to access their items, given adequate warning to the hosts. If you have any concern accessing your items, please contact the Stashii team
How does payment work?
Payments work through the Stashii website, where a single payment or recurring payments occur, depending on the listing agreement between renter and host. All major credit cards are accepted. If hosts ask for required payment, please contact
What about my valuables?
Valuables should not be stored in rented spaces. Hosts reserve the right to inspect goods in case of concerns.
Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes, you may. Contact customer support on in case of a change to your order. There may an applicable processing fee for the cancellation.
What are the spaces available for rent?
There are a variety of spaces available depending on your needs. The list includes: closets, garages, sheds, parking spaces, basements, spare bedrooms, etc.


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